Thursday, February 15, 2007

TopLink and Dali at EclipseCon 2007

EclipseCon runs from March 5th to 8th this year and I'm involved with a number of sessions relating to Dali and TopLink. If you'll be there I hope you'll consider checking them out.

The first is a short tutorial on Dali on Monday at 10:30. Neil Hauge, my co-lead on Dali will be co-presenting. It'll involve some hands on so bring a laptop. The tutorial number and title is (3633) Building applications with WTP - Java Persistence API (JPA).

If you can't make the tutorial but want to find out more about Dali, Neil and I will be giving the demo session the Dali Java Persistence API Tools Project on Wednesday at 14:30.

On a non-Dali topic, I'll be co-presenting with Stephan Eberle of Bosch a demo session entitled Integrating EMF with JPA--Enabling Enterprise Data Access for RCP Applications where we'll describe and demo the results of our collaboration. That's scheduled for Wednesday at 16:30.

Hope to see you there!


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